Flying Games

Since the beginning of time, man has always had the dream of taking flight. Through the years, many people have been able to experience what it is like control aircraft soaring through the sky. We bring you the chance to experience this thrill of flying through the great blue with our free online Flying Games section.

Take flight in many different missions and quests, each one promising to push the limits of what you thought was possible in a video game. Every one of the airplane flying games within this category will give you the chance to prove yourself in a variety of different aircraft.

If you think you have nerves of steel and are ready to fly your very own aeroplane, then choose a game in our Flying Airplane Games section and take to the air.

Stunt Pilot Island - Welcome to the island, man. On this island, there is only one rule, go big or go home. It is time for you to take it big in Stunt Pilot Island as you perform t [...]
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3D Stunt Pilot - Play 3D Stunt Pilot and soar over the water. To control your stunt plane through the race courses, you only need to move your mouse. It will take some practice to [...]
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Aerobatic Master 2 - Fly through the air performing gravity defying flips and dives, pulling up just before you crash into the ground. You are given the chance to do just that in t [...]
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